How to prevent damage to the octagonal hammer hardware

Time:2018-08-17 10:23

  Hardware is an important part of the octagonal hammer manufacturer's products. In order to protect the normal use of the octagonal hammer hardware, it is very important to prevent damage, so as to effectively protect the octagonal hammer.
  In the production of the octagonal hammer, the type, specification and performance of the hardware accessories shall conform to the national standards and relevant regulations, and shall be matched with the selected plastic doors and windows; the sliding hinges shall not be made of aluminum alloy materials, stainless steel materials shall be used; The screw mounting hardware must have a metal backing plate with a thickness of at least twice the fastener pitch. Do not fasten to plastic profiles, nor use non-metallic linings; and should be installed at the end, door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window door is inserted into the frame to ensure correct position and flexible switch.  
  After the hardware is installed, it should be carefully maintained to prevent rust and corrosion. In the daily use of the octagonal hammer manufacturer's products, it should also be lightly opened and closed to prevent hard opening and hard opening, causing premature damage and prolonging its service life.