What is the reason for the octagonal hammer with a wooden handle?

Time:2018-08-17 10:24

  Many octagonal hammer manufacturers use wooden handles, which are the common hammer handle materials in many hammer making. Why do octagonal hammers and other products use wooden handles to make hammer handles?
  The current hammer has become an indispensable tool for every family. The Sledge Hammer is one of them. It is also one of the most popular and recognized products by users. In the production of the octagonal hammer, not only the hammer head is required to be produced, but also The manufacture of the hammer handle also has strict requirements. The reason why the manufacturer uses the wooden hammer handle is to reduce the vibration force transmitted to the arm through the handle under the weight of the hammer, to reduce the damage and discomfort of the arm, and secondly to reduce the weight of the hammer.
  In addition, the use of the wooden handle can increase the comfort of the hand when using the products of the octagonal hammer manufacturer, so we can also pay attention to the material and production of the hammer handle when purchasing, and choose the highest quality octagonal hammer.