Hammer handle thickness requirements

Time:2018-08-17 10:25

  In the production of hammer manufacturers, the requirements for the thickness of the handle are still very large. We must understand this information in order to purchase a suitable hammer for a better hammer application experience.
  Hammers are often used in life. The handles of the hammers are large and small, thick and thin. The use of hammers has always been known for their labor-saving tools, and they have always had a high degree of recognition in terms of practicality. The size of its handle should be proportional to the size of the hammer, and the length of the handle will involve the mechanics and labor problems in the principle of leverage. Actually, the thicker hammer is mainly convenient for the user to make the cooperation between the handle and the hammer head more stable during use, and the vibration shock can be effectively reduced during the tapping process, which is a protective effect on the human hand.
  Hammer manufacturers still need to abide by certain principles when designing hammers, so as to ensure the performance of the finished hammer is excellent, and look forward to the visit of customers from all walks of life.