Method for improving the toughness of claw hammer

Time:2023-02-10 14:12

  The function of the claw hammer manufacturer depends on the chromium and carbon content. Since the affinity of carbon and chromium is greater than the affinity of iron and carbon, it constitutes a series of fluctuating ferrochrome compounds. Because the hammer contains a small amount of high hardness carbide, its The wear resistance, especially the wear resistance of the wear-resistant materials, is very advantageous.  
  As a wear-resistant product, the claw hammer must have high hardness. However, if only the hardness of the data is pursued in the process of wear and the toughness of the raw materials is neglected, it will inevitably lead to the reduction of the role of the hammer in the application process, and even the phenomenon of premature breakage. In the process of wear, it will be affected by many kinds of elements. Therefore, the overall design idea of the hammer is to ensure the hardness of the hammerhead to be higher, and the better the hardness, and the function of using the data in the process. Changes in seizures cannot be thought out only from the static function of the hammer.