Correct hammer usage

Time:2023-02-10 14:13

  Hammer manufacturers' products are very common in life. If you want to apply good effects, you need to be familiar with the performance, characteristics, use, storage and maintenance and maintenance methods of the tools. The tools must be inspected before work. Corrosion, deformation, looseness, and use are strictly prohibited. Unqualified tools such as malfunctions and breakages.      
  The hammer is the main hitting tool. It consists of a hammer head and a hammer handle. The weight of the hammer should be compatible with the workpiece, material and action. It is unsafe to be too heavy or too light. When using, you must use the hammer correctly and master the speed when hitting. Also pay attention to the connection between the hammer and the hammer handle. If it is loose, you should immediately tighten the wedge or replace the hammer handle. The length of the handle of the hammer must be moderate. The length that the experience provides for a suitable length is the hand grip, and the length of the forearm is equal to the length of the hammer.   
  When a small impact force is required, the hammer manufacturer recommends using the hand-swing method. When a strong impact force is required, the arm swing method should be used; when the arm swing method is used, the movement curve of the hammer head should be noted, the hammer is used. The handle should not be contaminated by grease.