The preparation of the claw hammer is very important

Time:2023-02-10 14:13

  The products of the claw hammer manufacturer fully utilize the principle of leverage to achieve the effect of labor saving, and can play an important role in life, but when used, the corrosion problem will greatly affect its use effect, so pay attention to anti-corrosion.
  In the process of using the claw hammer, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-corrosion. When we sharpen the edge, we should gently touch the grinding wheel in the sink, and in the process, we must not use it. Vibrate, and the use of the hammer should be as dry as possible. If it is impossible to avoid using it in a humid environment, try to speed up the operation and reduce the working time to avoid the danger of causing greater corrosion.
  The wooden handle is an important part of the manufacturer of the claw hammer. It has a great influence on the force applied during the use of the claw hammer. In order to ensure the longer service life of the claw hammer, the hammer handle should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment.